We Install New Garage Doors Of All Types

The decision to install a new garage door is one of the best you’ve probably made in a while. Now even though it is a decision that’s going to cost you a fair bit of money, if done right it will save you a bundle. New garage doors can easily last you 10 years with good professional Maintenance.

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Furthermore, you’ll save money on subsequent repairs and time wasted because the garage door refuses to work. However, the key here is to ensure that the garage door is installed as recommended by the manufacturer.

A Warranty Backed Expert New Garage Door Installation Service

We are Garage Door Experts and can install both the latest high-tech garage doors and traditional types. All the door we install is backed by a guarantee. The guarantee assures clients that we will do a more than satisfactory job. It is also an assurance that our installation will not void the warranty of the garage door.

It goes without saying that with garage doors costing hundreds of dollars, the warranty needs to stay intact. However, incorrect installation and errors can lead to voiding the warranty.

Fortunately, your garage door is in very capable hands. If you want a new garage door installed, we can walk you through the process so that you know what it entails and even what it will cost.

Your Complete Garage Door Replacement Solution

Replacing a garage door isn’t easy. The first step is to remove the existing one, and then prepare the space for the new one. Depending on if the garage door is being replaced with an upgraded one or perhaps a larger garage door, steps need to be taken so that it can be installed.

That’s why it is far more time consuming and complicated job. Fortunately, our team has the experience, tools, and aftermarket parts to handle it for you. So, you can sit back as we replace your existing garage door.